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Adlandpro, Social and Business Networking
Veretekk, the art of generating your own leads. Home Based Business Opportunity.
Veretekk, the Art of Generating your own Leads
Sergio Musetti
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Here's how it works...
You offer a free classified site where buyers and sellers can post and read through classified ads.
You gain immediate traffic to your free classified site by offering this free service to post a free ad, or read the classified ads.
You benefit from this traffic by creating links, or adding banners to your free classified site, thus driving additional traffic to your core product or service.
When someone who visits your free classified site and posts an ad, the system captures the visitors email address, and instantly sends a confirmation by email.
This confirmation (auto-responder) can be customized to say what ever you like. Not only will your message confirm that the ad has been posted, but it can also include your customized sales message promoting other products you offer. NEXT >>
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The MeetingWay Exchange Network allows to create a exit exchange program  designed to increase the traffic received by all those Affiliated Partners that participate in the exchange. The Programs will generate credits within the site proportional to the Affiliates’ use of the Site. These credits are generated from a banners impressions defined as a traffic exchange to one or more Affiliate Campaigns within the system. Accrued credits may be spent within the Advertising Campaigns. The Credits have no cash value and are not transferable outside of the Site.

All websites, newsletters, companies, or individuals need approval from MeetingWay Exchange Network before they can become an Affiliate Partner. Only websites with HTML code placed that have been reviewed and approved are permitted to use the Site. MeetingWay Exchange Network reserves the right to withhold or refuse approval for any reason, whatsoever.
MeetingWay Exchange Network affiliates may not include content or links to content including libelous, defamatory, abusive, violent, prejudicial, obscene, sexually explicit or illegal content or pornographic, racial, ethnic, political, software pirating (e.g. Warez) or hacking, hate-mongering, or otherwise objectionable content

MeetingWay Exchange Network performs periodic 'quality assurance reviews' on all sites within the network, typically every 7 days. Any site considered to be under-performing may be removed. Any action in relation to this matter will be undertaken at the sole discretion of MeetingWay Exchange Network. This includes setting and/or adjusting the time frame in which such checks are performed and all contributory factors toward such a decision.

MeetingWay Exchange Network actively monitors traffic for Fraud. If we detect fraud, your account will be made inactive pending further investigation. If you fraudulently add leads or clicks or inflate leads or clicks by fraudulent traffic generation (as determined solely by MeetingWay Exchange Network, such as pre- population of forms or mechanisms not approved by MeetingWay Exchange Network), you will forfeit your entire commission for all programs and your account will be terminated. Company reserves sole judgment in determining fraud, and you agree to this clause. It is the OBLIGATION of the Affiliate to prove to MeetingWay Exchange Network that they are NOT committing fraud. MeetingWay Exchange Network will hold your Account in 'Pending Status' until you have satisfactorily provided evidence that you are not defrauding the system. We flag accounts that:

Have click-through rates that are much higher than industry averages and where solid justification is not evident.
Have ONLY click programs generating clicks with no indication by site traffic that it can sustain the clicks reported.
Have shown fraudulent leads as determined by our clients
Use fake redirects, automated software, and/or fraud to generate clicks or leads from our program